I Believe...

I angsted long and hard about what to write here. I worried about how to tell you what I believe in and how to show you that I really can help you. Ultimately, I decided to say what I believe in and let you be the judge.  I believe you can be your authentic self.  I believe you can move beyond the person you currently are, to the person you yearn to be.  I can help you be that person.  I can provide you with a proven, effective framework for growth.  It doesn’t have to take long.  It is less painful than the way you are living today.  You don’t have to feel like you’re not good enough, like you don’t matter, or that you are responsible for other people’s feelings.  You don’t have to fear being abandoned or letting people in.  You can stop doing the dumb shit that you know is wrong for you. We can work through the beliefs that make you feel anxious or depressed.  You never have to feel that way again.  Together we can do what you couldn’t do alone.

I believe you deserve access to therapy that actually works, that is not one size fits all, and that actively achieves the goals that drive you to seek therapy.  I believe therapy should be predicatable, and not mysterious.  I believe therapy should have a clear direction, it should make sense, and you should know you are making progress.  I believe if you wanted to feel like you were chatting with a friend you would buy a friend (or a stranger) coffee and talk with them. I believe that truly effective therapy is worth the ridiculous price tag.  I believe that therapeutic gains should be permanent, that therapy should make things better, not just duct taping the bleeding wound in hopes it heals. 

The feelings, thoughts, and behaviours that do not benefit you come from somewhere. Emotions make sense, in their own emotion-based ways. If you’ve ever tried to use logic to overcome feelings you know how little dysfunctional beliefs care about logical thinking. That’s where I come in.  If you’re tired of just surviving and think life should be something more, come let me guide you.

About Alyson

I grew up in a large and diverse family; less ‘blended’ and more ‘pureed’. There was always someone around doing something.  As an introvert, I developed the hobby of extreme reading.  In fact, I got my first broken bone while reading!  Today, reading is not such a contact sport.  If I’m not reading, I enjoy spending my time traveling or bouncing on the trampoline with my niblings.

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