Couples Therapy

Do you long to stop drifting apart?  Do you want the friction to stop?  While there is benefit in discussing past hurts in a safe location, our primary focus will be on creating the changes you need. Whether the issue is broken trust, lack of communication, or just not getting on the same page,  we can work together to enhance your relationship. Relationship counselling is beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of a relationship. Therapy sessions provide a proven framework for both partners to discuss issues and find solutions. I can lead the way!

I believe that relationship counselling should be an impartial, safe place, where both individuals feel heard.  I believe the goal of couples therapy is to enhance the self of each individual in the partnership.  

Sometimes, the best relationship for both partners is not a relationship with each other.  It can be really tough to determine if that is true or not true for your relationship.  I can help you find clarity.  If a relationship needs to end, let it end respectfully, knowing that you did everything you could.

Whether the path of your relationship is to move closer together, or to move apart,  you don’t have to walk alone.  I am here to help.

Individual Therapy

I will help you identify the beliefs that are keeping you from your happiness.   Together we will unpack whatever is blocking you by  determining the thought, feeling, and behaviour patterns related to these beliefs.  We will reprocess the emotions in your memories through EMDR. It is a surprisingly quick and effective process.  You don’t even necessarily have to share your memories with me in order to heal.  When we are finished, you will be able to flow between emotions as needed for your life and create alternative, healthy emotional patterns and possibilities.

Not having the tools you need to find your way can be scary.  Not knowing what tools you need or how to use them can be scarier.  My blog is designed to provide you with guidance for dealing with unhealthy emotions and having a more productive relationship.  Please be awaremy blog is not as effective as counselling as it is not personalized to your specifc situation.

It’s a big world out there and the internet seems even larger.  Here are some wonderful resources that may help you get to where you want to be.  These resources are geared towards counselling services in Edmonton, AB.

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