This section is full of resources by other people.  There’s a lot of wonderful information out there.  Finding what can be useful to you without being overwhelmed can be tough.  I would love to hear what you have found that has been helpful because that way I can share it.  This is an Edmonton, Alberta based resource list and not all resources will be applicable to those not living here.

Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past

YWCA Counselling Centre

Therapy is expensive.  Worth it, don’t get me wrong, still really expensive.  A sucky fact of life is that often when we need therapy the most is when we are least able to afford it.  The YWCA in Edmonton offers sliding scale counselling for anyone, focused on a large variety of issues, in both individual and group formats.  They don’t currently offer couples counselling.

Call 211 to connect to edmonton resources for mental health issues
Call 211 For More Information


Sometimes you think you know the million dollar answer and sometimes it pays to phone a friend.  Dialing 211 in Alberta will connect you with an awesome information resource.  You can also check out their webpage if you don’t want to call.  As an added bonus they have a confidential chat system and can connect you directly with a hotline or resource specific to your needs.

A handy little website full of blogs, information, and yes advice.  Unstuck has a free app and also offers what they call life courses.   The website is easy to use and the blogs well written.  They focus on stumbling blocks and life enhancement, not just life altering issues.  If you do take a course please let me know how it is.

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